Al Dente – Pasta & Bąble Bar

We are here just for you

We are a restaurant desired to take you on a culinary journey. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than seeing our customers enjoying spending their time with us. Exquisite food and original cocktails are equally important to us, all combined with a unique atmosphere. Our staff, waiters, waitresses, bar staff, and chefs are all responsible for listening to your needs and fulfilling them in the best way we can. Al Dente is for you and we want you to feel pampered by us.

Stylistic Decor

The decor of our restaurant recreates industrial chic and style. Bare bricks, wooden tables with a counter tops and chairs upholstered in a stylish floral design make our space really special. The walls are lit with colorful neon lights and decorated with graffiti and murals by Daniel “Gouda” Tworski. The place is at once modern but intimate and comfortable.

Where to Find Us

You will find us in the town center but surrounded by greenery. Al Dente Pasta and Bąble Bar is placed at the Manufactura Rynek just on the first alleyway when you take the front entrance from the Ogrodowa Road. We are behind the Casino. In the summer customers are greeted by a garden of orange trees, colorful and comfortable chairs, garden swings and tables, all overlooked by a neon sign of Aperol Spritz which looks really cool on the souvenir photos.

Authentic Cuisine and Homemade Pasta

We have an open kitchen so you can watch our squad preparing your pizza and pasta. All done with much care and attention to every detail. Artisanal work, careful methods and our original Italian products give our food its unique and authentic taste.

Neapolitan Pizza

Our speciality is the Neapolitan style pizza. We dedicated our ‘Al Dente’ life to discover the perfect recipe for a dough. The best mix of only original and certified Italian ingredients and well thoughtful timing for raising doughs make our pizza incomparable.

Italian sparkling wines and cocktails

Our bar runs on Italian bubbles. We offer wide variety of sparkling wines and Aperol based drinks as well as classic and signature cocktails